Days of hunger deaths and penury are over forever: CM KCR in Wanaparthy

Wanaparthy: The erstwhile Mahabubnagar district was known for mass migration, hunger deaths and penury. Those sombre days are over forever, said CM KCR. Those responsible for the bad days are again coming to people telling stories and sporting fancy dresses. It was BRS government has revived farming and made it more feasible. The government spent one lakh crore on electricity bills to ensure free 24-hour power to farmers. It introduced the revolutionary Rythu Bandhu. Now farmers are enjoying happy days.

The government is constructing five reservoirs in the district and every acre will get irrigation water. It was the BRS government that set up five medical colleges in this district. “Why the Congress government did not do all these? Why are they coming to people now? They are interested in power and not the welfare of people,” Mr KCR pointed out. The chief minister mocked the challenges being posed by Revanth Reddy and others asking him to contest in their constituencies. “KCR is here. KCR is there in all 119 Constituencies. These jokers should be taught a lesson by the people,” he said.

People of Telangana know well who is what. Who did good to them? He said his appeal to people is just not to act in haste while casting their vote. Think well before voting and don’t vote just because somebody told you to do so. “I want you to distinguish between a stone and a gem. What happens if Congress scraps Dharani. It was aimed at empowering farmers and giving them their rights over their land. Even a chief minister cannot alter your land record. It is scrapped, again middlemen enter and people get harassed,” he explained.

Mr KCR asked the people of Wanaparthy to vote in great numbers for minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy who is a good pubic representative. People in Wanaparthy should take responsibility for the victory of Mr Niranjan Reddy as he will be busy touring other neighbouring constituencies as well. “You will not get a public representative like Niranjan Reddy. He is very much interested in the good of people of his constituency and we all know,” Mr KCR said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao