Show your political acumen once again: CM KCR tells people in Munugode

Munugode: The people of Munugode constituency are known for their political awareness and once the Left parties ruled this area, said CM KCR. Addressing a public meeting as part of his election campaign, Mr KCR said people patronised BRS during the by-election and they should do so once again. The Congress leaders have no commitment and lack morals and ethics. They jump parties for their personal gains. Such leaders should be rejected.

“These dwarfs and jesters are challenging me now to contest here and there. People are with me and you have to teach them a lesson. Put an end to their arrogance and money power,” Mr KCR told people. Where were these good-for-nothing leaders when the Telangana movement was launched? Where were they doing slavery and to whom they served then? KCR asked.

The Congress party ruled for six decades but failed to address the fluoride problem. It was the BRS party that ended the problem forever. It was the BRS party that promised and delivered – be it pensions, Rythu Bandhu or whatever. The same Congress party failed in Karnataka in providing power to farmers. Even PM Modi’s Gujarat state does not get power. It is only in Telangana state in the country that provides 24-hour free power to farmers.

Mr KCR said he would take the responsibility of providing irrigation water to two lakh acres in Munugode constituency. The Palamuru project is nearing completion. This drought-prone constituency will have good days ahead. The chief minister appealed to people not to get carried away by what leaders of various parties say. They should not believe in false promises. In fact, people should gather and discuss who is good and who is bad for them.

If by chance, people erred in their judgment, bad days will befall them again. One could do nothing to correct it again. People should think twice before casting their votes. They should think of what good the BRS did to them for the past ten years. BRS candidate and sitting MLA K Prabhakar Reddy is a simple person. He was actively involved in the separate Telangana movement from day one. People should vote for him and ensure a huge majority in the forthcoming assembly elections, KCR said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao