Teach Congress leaders a lesson: CM KCR in Achampet

Achampet: It was the Congress party that was responsible for the poverty in Telangana. It was the party that merged Telangana with Andhra. For six decades, life was pathetic until the BRS launched the movement, said CM KCR. Addressing a massive public meeting here, he said days were bleak and gloomy in Mahabubnagar district. No water, irrigation, or electricity. People were forced to depend on gruel centres and many were forced to migrate to far-off places.

This is the 10th year of Telangana state. Things are better now with a committed party in power. The BRS proved its commitment. The per capita income, per capita consumption of power and paddy production – the Telangana state is top in the country. “We do not give false and impractical promises like other parties just for political mileage,” Mr KCR told the crowds

The BRS government took many revolutionary decisions – enhanced pensions, supply of fine rice to all, phase enhancement of Kalyana Laxmi and whatnot. As the days pass, BRS will bring in more welfare and development. “Go back to villages and discuss with others. Which party will be better for Telangana people,” he asked the people.

It was after a thorough thought process, a bold decision was taken to introduce Dharani. It aimed at giving the ultimate right over the land to the farmers. There is interference of any official. With a thumb impression, a farmer can sell, purchase or mutate his land with great ease. Now the Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi want to scrap Dharani. Again, brokers will come, and red-tapism and corruption will rule. “Do you want those bad days again? Discuss with your fellow villagers,” Mr KCR said.

People should teach the Congress leaders a good lesson on the day of polling. Think twice and vote. Do not get carried away by what others say or believe in Opposition leaders’ promises. He said he takes the responsibility of providing water to irrigate 1.75 to 2 lakh acres in Achampet and three reservoirs were proposed in the constituency. The Dalit Bandhu is a historic scheme and nowhere in the country such scheme exists. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion, the development and welfare in Telangana reaches all.

Mr KCR appealed to people to vote and ensure a massive margin for MLA Guvvala Balaraju once again. Minister V Srinivas Goud, MLA Jaipal Yadav and others were present.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao