Congress leaders are hungry for power, eager to loot: CM KCR warns people in Alair

Of all the constituencies in Telangana, the Alair constituency witnessed phenomenal development, observed Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao. Once barren devoid of any irrigation and farming fodder to cattle has now transformed drastically. The farmers used to work as daily labourers in Hyderabad travelling by Kakatiya train.

The chief minister addressing a public meeting at Alair said before 2014, just 27,000 acres of land were cultivated but now 2.16 lakh acres are being irrigated. A total of 29 check-dams were built and another 30 check-drams are to come. Now the constituency is getting water from Devadula and Kaleshwaram. A total of 71 hamlets inhabited by tribals are getting safe protected drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha. Farming has become lucrative and the renovation of Yadadri temple led to a boom in real estate activity. Now the lands command very good prices that made the farmers rich. People from Hyderabad come to buy land here in Alair.

Mr KCR said the constituency will get more development in the days to come once the ongoing canals and tanks are restored. “You have Mallannasagar and Baswapur reservoirs. This constituency will have water all through the year,” he pointed out. “My request to you all is you should not be emotional during this election time. Be cool and think about who did what. Assess the leaders who are coming to you asking for votes. What did they do in the past? Do they have any commitment to your welfare?” Mr KCR told the crowds.

Appealing to vote in large numbers to MLA and party candidate Gongidi Sunitha Mahender Reddy, he said she is his daughter and would always oblige her requests for the development of the constituency. “If Sunitha is elected, you will have power. The BRS should be elected if you all want free power to farmers,” he said.

The Karnataka deputy chief minister DK Shiva Kumar says they are giving five hours of power to farmers in his state. Isn’t it a joke to tell farmers here who get 24 hours of free power? Similarly, these Congress leaders want to do away with Rythu Bandhu and Dharani. They say CM KCR is wasting money.
Dharani is a well-thought-out service introduced for farmers. They will have absolute rights over their land. They can use it to get money under Rythy Bandhu and paddy sale, Rythu Bheema and others. If that is removed, again middlemen, corruption and red tape will be in place.

“Bear in mind. The Congress leaders are very hungry for power. They are eagerly waiting to loot the people of Telangana. Ultimately, you decide who is good and who is bad,” Mr KCR said warning people and pleading with them to vote massively for BRS car symbol and candidate Sunitha Mahender Reddy once again.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao