Congress tortured, arrested youth and abetted suicides: CM KCR in Thungathurthy

Thungathurthy: The Congress party did not agree to a separate Telangana state out of mercy but out of compulsion. Hundreds and thousands of youth were harassed, tortured, arrested and forced to commit suicides, said Chief Minister Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao. Addressing a public meeting at Thungathurthy here, he said the Congress party that came to power with the help of BRS went back on its promise. It unveiled drama after drama. It did not give a separate Telangana out of mercy. It had its calculations.

Mr KCR wanted people to be cautious about what the political leaders are telling and promising them. “This is election time. Telangana is going for the third assembly elections. You should not be in haste to vote. Go back to villages and talk to others. Discuss who did what. The days under the Congress regime and now under BRS,” he said.

There was no water, no power, no development. The Thungathurthy was mired in political rivalry between Congress and Left parties. The martyrs’ memorials dot this place. It was just a vast stretch of dry land with no active farming. Thankfully, it was the BRS that brought about a change. Now this place gets Kaleshwaram waters, beautiful roads such as Danthalapally, upcoming mega project near Damaracharla. This Thungathurthy constituency has more sub-stations that prevent the failure of agricultural motors.

Be it pensions, Dharani, Rythu Bandhu, Dalit Bandhu and all others planned for the socio-economic empowerment of poor and marginalised sections of the society. “You people should tell me should these welfare schemes be continued or scrapped as being claimed by Congress leaders,” he posed as the crowds wanted them to be continued.

“Karnataka deputy chief minister comes here and teach us morals. Telangana farmers are getting 24 hours of free power and the Karnataka deputy chief minister says they are giving five hours of power to farmers there. Is there any logic behind their talk ?” KCR asked people to think. The chief minister asked people to ensure over one lakh vote majority to MLA Gadhari Kishore. He promised to extend Dalit Bandhu to all the families in the constituency immediately after the elections. Energy minister G Jagadish Reddy, MP B Lingaiah Yadav and others were present.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao