Congress, BJP to draw blank, BRS to win 3, and MIM to win 1 LS seat in GHMC

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation poses a significant challenge for the Congress party, as evidenced by its dismal performance in the recent assembly elections, where it failed to secure a single seat. The formidable presence of the BRS Party, which commands considerable influence in the region, has left Congress leaders anxious about their prospects in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Despite CM Revanth Reddy’s efforts to rally support through meetings across the city, the response from the public has been tepid. The city’s transformation under KCR’s leadership, spearheaded by the efforts of former municipal minister KTR, has elevated Hyderabad to a cosmopolitan hub, earning accolades on the global stage.

The political analysts predict that out of the four seats in Hyderabad, BRS Party is poised to win three seats, while one will go to the AIMIM, as usual. In the Hyderabad seat, BJP’s candidate Madhavilatha is facing strong criticism from voters due to her erratic behavior, with observers noting that she will even struggle to secure her deposit.

The primary battle in Malkajgiri is unfolding between the BRS and the BJP. With the BRS working president KTR’s campaign in the segment, the tide is turning in favor of BRS nominee Laxma Reddy. It is anticipated that he will gradually gain momentum and secure the seat.

In Secunderabad, Padma Rao Goud, the BRS candidate, has maintained a lead from the onset, with Union Minister Kishan Reddy trailing. Notably, the Congress candidate Danam Nagender is not even in the race.

Coming to Chevella, within the Congress ranks, there is discontent towards Ranjith Reddy, who joined the party at the eleventh hour. Ranjith Reddy is lagging behind in the campaign, while the main competition is between BJP candidate Konda Vishweshwar Reddy and BRS candidate Kasani Gyaneshwar. Kasani holds better prospects, buoyed by support from rural Chevella and BC votes.

On the whole, KCR’s administration has ushered in an era of technological innovation, crime reduction, and economic prosperity, making Hyderabad a coveted destination for investors and residents alike. The city’s enviable infrastructure and impeccable law and order have garnered praise from dignitaries and citizens alike. The overwhelming support for BRS in the recent elections underscores the public’s desire for continuity in governance and development. In light of these realities, both Congress and BJP are scrambling to make inroads in Hyderabad.