Rahul Gandhi misled Telangana by claiming Congress govt. giving Rs. 2,500 to women: KTR

BRS party working president KTR stated that Rahul Gandhi misled the people of Telangana during his public meeting in Nirmal. Rahul claimed that every woman in the state were receiveing Rs. 2,500 rupees monthly under the Maha Lakshmi scheme. 

KTR mocked Rahul, labeling him as an unwitting politician easily cheated by local leaders like Revanth Reddy. He accused Rahul of merely reading a script filled with lies drafted by local Congress leaders. Rahul also falsely stated in his speech that elderly people receive a 4,000 rupees social welfare pension, girls receive 10 grams of gold for marriage, college-going girls get scooters, and farmers receive bonuses for crops.

KTR questioned the people whether they actually receive these benefits as claimed by Rahul. He warned Rahul not to underestimate the intelligence of Telangana people, emphasizing that they won’t believe his lies.

KTR suggested that Rahul verify if the current CM, Revanth Reddy, will remain with the Congress party or align with Rahul after the parliament elections. KTR reminded Rahul that Revanth Reddy opposes the party line on issues such as Adani and the Gujarat model, accusing him of aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi rather than Rahul Gandhi.

Today, KTR campaigned in Malkajgiri constituency by organizing roadshows in LB Nagar, Uppal, and Musheerabad, drawing large crowds. He reminded Hyderabad residents of their uninterrupted power supply and drinking water under KCR’s rule. KTR urged voters to support BRS party in the parliamentary elections if they believe KCR’s governance is better to the current Congress government. He expressed that if BRS party secures 10 to 12 seats in the elections, KCR will become the focal point of state politics and advocate for people’s issues both locally and in Delhi.

KTR heavily criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP for neglecting Telangana, particularly Hyderabad. He accused them of failing to fulfill promises made during the state’s bifurcation, leading to rising prices, unemployment, and religious tensions.

KTR condemned the cancellation of the ITIR project for Hyderabad, stating that it deprived state youth of millions of job opportunities. He urged voters in the Malkajgiri parliamentary constituency to vote for BRS candidate Ragidi Laxma Reddy.