BCs and loyalists ignored by Telangana Congress in ticket allocation

The Congress party that released the second list of 45 candidates for the Telangana assembly elections had little chance for the BCs. Earlier, the party released a list of 55 candidates. Of the total 100 candidates announced, BCs are just 20 in number. Similarly, the party went against its own slogan of one family one ticket too. A total of 19 seats are kept pending for selection of candidates. The party leaders say they allocated two tickets each to the CPI and CPI (M).

As many as 30 newly joined candidates got the party ticket ignoring the seniors and loyalists. “Those who joined the party in the morning got a ticket by evening. Do we need to carry the party flag for five years and for what?” TPCC leader Mr Niranjan posed. Seniors like Addanki Dayakar expecting a ticket from the Thungathurthi constituency are also kept waiting while in many other constituencies, the seniors were blatantly denied the party ticket.

The Congress party unveiled a great drama in the name of the screening committee and election committee. It made leaders go around the New Delhi office. Many aspirants loitered around the office for days on and on. They met the party seniors and AICC members but in vain. Many of them were just ignored.
It was reported that Sonia Gandhi had asked the leaders to accommodate as many seniors as possible and refused to clear the list of candidates with all new entrants.

One of the aspirants Bakka Judson who sought a ticket from the Wardhannapet assembly constituency said he was deeply disappointed as newly joined K R Nagaraj, a retired police officer was preferred. However, he said he would work for the party and wait for his time. Another aspirant from the constituency, Namindla Srinivas was sure of getting a ticket this time but said he was wondering what is the criteria for selection of candidates. He headed the SC cell of the party for years and strengthened the SC wing of the party.

The TPCC leaders are praising themselves and dreaming of coming to power in Telangana just going by surveys and social media propaganda. They are far away from the ground realities.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao