Skyrocketing prices of daily essentials goes unchecked in BJP regime

The prices of all essential commodities are spiralling unchecked while the BJP government at Centres remains a mute spectator. The middle class and poorer sections find it difficult to run their families as incomes do not match the uncontrolled rise of prices. From 2014 to 2023, the Modi government just maintained silence as large sections of the population were suffering from the price rise.

The petrol that cost Rs. 71 per litre in 2014 is now costing Rs. 109 per litre. The diesel rose from Rs. 55 per litre to Rs. 97 per litre; rice from Rs. 27 per kg to Rs. 52 per kg, salt from Rs. 10 per kg to Rs. 25. per kg, wheat flour from Rs. 22 per kg to Rs. 67 per kg. The cooking gas cylinder that was Rs. 399 in 2014 has risen to Rs. 955 now burdening the people.

The latest alarming situation is the rise in the price of onions. They are commanding Rs. 80 per kg and went beyond now terrifying the common man. The lofty talk of Modi and his party men is not providing any relief to the people. Not a single programme or scheme was taken up to benefit the large population of the country by the BJP government.

Modi and clique point a finger at the governments of opposition parties in states and accuse them of corruption and so on. Indeed, the BJP leaders are no different from others. They miserably failed the people of the country.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao