Union Minister Ms Nirmala Sitaraman’s conduct is disgusting, Mr KTR.


TRS party working president and IT minister Mr K T Rama Rao took strong objection to Union Minister Finance Minister Ms Niramala Sitaraman’s conduct during her visit to Kamareddy district.

He said he was shocked to see her behaving rudely with the collector Mr Jitesh V Patil commanding him like a school teacher. The minister appreciated the district collector for keeping his cool temper all through.

Ms Sitaraman went on randomly visiting all over. She came to a ration shop and asked the collector why Mr Modi’s photo was not put up in the shop. She told the people that it was Mr Modi who is giving them rice. But women who were present there through their disposition disapproved of her claim much to her embarrassment.

Mr Rama Rao said he was stunned by the way Ms Sitaraman conducted herself during her visit. The video footage went viral on social media and earned her brickbats from the netizens.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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