BJP making a mountain out of a molehill, TRS


The BJP leaders in the state seem to be crazy and desperate to find an occasion to criticise CM Mr KCR and his party. A section of the media too overplayed the joint press conference proceedings by Bihar CM Mr Nitish Kumar and Telangana CM Mr KCR where Mr Nitish Kumar looked annoyed with the media persons.

Mr KCR tried to pacify him by showing a lot of patience and also urging the media men to be patient. Several BJP leaders and a section of electronic media described it as an insult to Telangana and its people. They perhaps are unaware of Mr KCR’s expertise in dealing with the media. He is the only politician who is ever ready to face the media while PM Mr Modi never showed his face to the media during the past eight years.

Mr KCR is known to be keeping cool and patient during press meets. He spares enough time to answer all questions and usually takes more time than any politician in the country does. Seasoned journalists appreciate Mr KCR for his ability to answer every question with a sense of context and amazing memory of facts and figures. Instead of appreciating him for facing the media in Bihar, a distant place, the BJP leaders stooped to new low once again faulting him.

Usually politicians easily get irritated by the volley of questions and scrambling media persons and swiftly walk out of the sessions. Unlike them, TRS supremo Mr KCR maintains his calm and comes up with an instant answer.

It is very difficult for some media men and Opposition political leaders to under Mr KCR when they are busy making a mountain out of a molehill.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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