There is no other visionary leader like KCR in Telangana: KTR in Sircilla

Sircilla: BRS working president and minister Mr KT Rama Rao has said there is no visionary leader like CM KCR in politics in the state. He readied to die for the cause of Telangana and sacrificed a lot. He promised and delivered the promise of a separate Telangana. The leaders of Congress – TPCC president now wants to become chief minister. He was caught red-handed bribing for votes. For him, politics means power and money. And for the BJP instigating people on caste and religion is politics. They eye for power by hook or crook.

“Except KCR no leader has any love for Telangana and its people. Mr KCR and Telangana people have an emotional bond that none can destroy,” Mr KTR pointed out. Thanking the people of Sircilla who gave him the political birth, he asked people to compare the old days and present times. The Sircilla which was known for weaver suicides has now changed completely. The weavers are a happy lot as the BRS government took many initiatives. For instance, you see the Thangallapalli tank. It has water around the year. “Not one sector or section, the BRS has a holistic view. It has been working hard to make Telangana the best place in the country,” he said.

Mr KTR was addressing hundreds of youth at a meeting organised by the BRS youth wing. He asked them to rebut the false propaganda and criticism of other political parties by being active on social media. Mr KTR asked the youth not to vote in haste. They should think twice before voting. They should weigh the performance of the BRS party and those that ruled in the past.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao