There is no drought and no curfew in Telangana now: CM KCR

Peace and tranquillity prevail in Telangana now after a long time. There is no drought and no curfew now, said CM KCR. It was the people of Telangana who could achieve this. The BRS that waged a prolonged struggle for separate Telangana successfully fulfilled the aspirations of people pending for six decades. The BRS which came to power tackled the issues one after the other. The farmers of the state proved their strengths by utilising the schemes and development brought by the BRS party.

Mr KCR addressing the public meetings at Huzurnagar, Miryalguda and Devarakonda has said Rythu Bandhu, free power, improved irrigation, revival of age-old village tanks through Mission Kakatiya, construction of check-dams and many other initiatives were taken up in phased manner only to strengthen the farming sector. “Now we smile on the faces of farmers. This is the time to preserve and protect this people-friendly government. If by accident people voted for Congress, all this development will be reversed and dark days will come again,” Mr KCR told the crowds.

Even before coming to power, the Congress said they would scrap the Dharani service, reduce the power supply to just three hours and scrap Rythu Bandhu programme. If they come to power, they will do much more harm to the people. They are hungry for power and will only focus on making money. They will not think about people and their welfare.

Mr KCR said it took a lot of hard work and commitment to make Telangana number one on many parameters in the country. Now what Telangana practices is followed by other states. Be it per capita income or per capita consumption of power. “I appeal to you all not to derail this progress. It should be continued. If you all vote for the BRS party, this development and welfare will continue and there will be greater progress in the days to come. Reject those Congress leaders who are making impractical promises,” Mr KCR said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao.