Telangana Congress leaders continue to show their arrogance

It was the Congress leaders who said Rythu Bandhu is a waste scheme. Now they say they will give more money under Rythu Bharosa, copying the same scheme from BRS party. Congress leader N Uttam Kumar Reddy himself said it is a waste scheme. Now Revanth Reddy says they will give Rs.15,000 to farmers.

The Rythu Bandhu is a revolutionary welfare scheme introduced by CM KCR after a lot of exercise. It was aimed at assisting the farmers by giving them input money for crops. Mr KCR promised to increase it from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 16,000 after the ensuing assembly elections. What is the point of Congress leaders’ promise of giving farmers Rs. 15,000?

In the presence of party leader Rahul Gandhi, the TPCC leader came out with a bundle of lies and false promises. Mr Rahul Gandhi who lacks the ground reality in Telangana was also made to lie to the people. Mr Rahul Gandhi says they will scrap the Dharani service. He does not know how it benefitted the farmers. It empowered the farmers by giving them the right over their land and removing the power to alter land records by any person.

It was the Congress leaders who vowed to undo all the good done to the people by the BRS. But they do not spell out their own agenda. They just copied the BRS schemes and with little changes, they are promising the people. During the 50 years of their rule, the Congress leader failed to come out with such revolutionary schemes but not promising more now. In the states, they were ruling in the country, and they are not implementing any promise that is being made to the Telangana people now. This clearly shows their double-standard attitude.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao