TGPSC protests: No entry for unemployed youth in Metro rail; police checking Whatsapp chats

In a shocking move, Telangana police have started checking WhatsApp chats of commuters at Dilsukhnagar metro station. In light of students and unemployed youth protesting at the TGPSC office, authorities have heavily deployed officers along the metro line from LB Nagar to Dilsukhnagar.

Passengers at these metro stations are being thoroughly inspected, and those suspected of being unemployed are being denied access to the metro. Police are scrutinizing the phones of the unemployed, allowing travel only if no affiliations with unemployed groups are found in their WhatsApp chats.

This heavy-handed approach has sparked outrage among the unemployed, who are expressing their frustration and anger towards the police’s actions. Many feel that their rights are being violated and are calling for an end to the excessive scrutiny and restrictions.