TGPSC protests: Draconian measures by Congress govt; bystanders, farmers, lawyers picked up

In what can be called draconian measures, the Telangana Police are picking up bystanders near the TGPSC office for no reason. Despite clarifying that they haven’t come for protests, farmers, employees, and lawyers have been arrested by the police.

A farmer was picked up despite asserting that he came to the city to drop his son at college. He questioned whether they should not enter Hyderabad. Another employee who was arrested wondered whether this was the ‘Praja Palana’ as claimed by CM Revanth Reddy.

A lawyer argued with the police for holding his collar and dragging him into the police van, asking why he was being arrested. The high-handedness of the Congress government is such that the police are even warning that they wouldn’t hesitate to hold the protesters by their private parts.

Students, unemployed youth, and student unions are peacefully protesting against the Revanth Reddy government, demanding solutions to their issues. However, the Congress government has decided to crack down on the protests.