Telangana government spent Rs. 10,000 crores in 9 years for pensions to differently abled persons

The ruling BRS government in Telangana state spent Rs. 10,000 crores during the past ten years towards pensions to differently abled persons. Telangana state is the only state where pension is highest among all other states in the country. It is giving Rs. 3,016 to date and from next month, it will be giving Rs. 4,116. A total of 5,16,890 persons are benefitting from this scheme in the state.

The Telangana government is spending Rs. 1,800.96 crore every year and with now increased pension, it will be spending an additional Rs. 2,400 crore. The Andhra Pradesh government is giving Rs. 3,000 pension to the physically challenged per month followed by Haryana Rs. 2,500; Goa Rs .1,700, Gujarat just Rs. 1,000; Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra governments are giving a mere Rs. 300 per month while Chattisgarh and Odisha governments are giving just Rs. 200 per month pension to physically challenged persons. In terms of the welfare of the differently abled, Telangana state stands first in the country.

SC welfare minister Koppula Eashwar welcomed CM KCR’s decision to enhance the pension by Rs. 1,000 taking the total to Rs. 4,116 per month. “This move will give more confidence among the physically challenged,” he said thanking the CM. Divyangula Corporation Chairman K Vasudeva Reddy thanking CM KCR said this move will immensely benefit and create confidence among the beneficiaries. The corporation on its part has been distributing various aids such as tricycles among others.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao