Telangana BJP leaders play a game of musical chairs for CM post

The change in the guard in the state BJP unit did not bring any end to the infighting. Following the lobby and those who are critical of Bandi Sanjay, the party’s high command replaced him with senior leader G Kishan Reddy and tried to silence Eatela Rajender by appointing him to the election management committee.

Now both these leaders reportedly apprised their followers that they are the first preference of the party’s high command for the Chief Minister’s post. It was reportedly said that Mr Kishan Reddy told his followers that he had all the blessings of the party’s high command and was certain to become the CM. Meanwhile, Eatela Rajender is telling his followers that he is responsible for the selection of candidates and the campaign. He has a bigger role and is certain to become the CM as the party command reposed faith in him. The sacked leader Bandi Sanjay seems to be seething with rage at both leaders and is trying to mobilise support for himself.

However, one wonders if the BJP is in a position to give any competition to other parties in the ensuing elections. The BJP leaders are busy eyeing for the CM chair.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao