TAUK celebrates Bonalu on a grand note in London

The Telangana Association of the United Kingdom (TAUK) organized Bonalu celebrations on a grand note in West London. More than 1200 NRI families from various parts of the UK attended the event. Hounslow Mayor Afzaal Kiani attended as the chief guest for the celebrations.

The NRIs recreated the ambience of ‘Lashkar’ in London. The main attractions were the traditional Pothuraju and women carrying Bonam across several streets of London. Several local Englishmen joined the celebrations.

Hounslow Mayor Afzaal Kiani said he felt glad to be part of this grand celebration of Telangana’s festival Bonalu. “The way TAUK promotes Telangana culture in foreign land is very inspiring and also their involvement in local community service is greatly appreciated,” Kiani said.

He added that he is very proud to see the NRI women carrying Bonam across the London streets to showcase and promote Indian culture and especially Telangana culture by involving local British residents, which help to bring harmony, peace and respect towards each culture.

TAUK president Rathnakar Kadudula said TAUK is committed to promote Telangana culture on a global platform, and thanked MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha for launching Bonalu poster and also thanked for her guidance and support in organising several cultural activities.

NRI BRS UK President & TAUK Convenor Ashok Dusari said he had been participating in these Bonalu celebrations for several years now, this year was so special because Telangana state has completed its 9 years and entered into its 10th year. Ashok said it is very important for us to strengthen CM KCR and now India is looking for KCR’s leadership. People of India want all the Telangana welfare schemes to be implemented across India.

TAUK Community Affairs Chairperson Naveen Reddy said that recently Telangana CM KCR has initiated Telangana state formation decennial celebrations where they showcased the 9 years of development of Telangana to the entire world. With this spirit we too unfurled the National flag to mark Telangana’s decennial celebrations and cut the cake. He conveyed the greetings to all the Telanganites living around the world, he added.