Rythu Bandhu is waste of money, says Uttam Kumar Reddy

The Congress party leaders have asked the Election Commission of India to stop the distribution of money under the Rythu Bandhu scheme now. TPCC president A Revanth Reddy, N Uttam Kumar Reddy, Bhatti Vikramarka and others wrote a letter to the election commission to stop the ruling BRS government from transferring money under the scheme.

Mr Uttam Kumar Reddy has termed the scheme as waste of money. But he did not clarify why his Congress party came up with Rythu Bharosa and six guarantees as election promises. The Congress leaders are playing every trick to corner the power in Telangana state. They continue to issue unscrupulous promises and make baseless allegations about the BRS party and its leaders.

Health minister and BRS senior leader T Harish Rao has said it was a continuous scheme and it was not introduced just before the elections. People should know the intentions of the Congress leaders who are out to stop the state government from doing good things. They are unable to see the people being happy under the BRS regime.

Mr Harish Rao said the BJP leaders are getting money from New Delhi while the Congress leaders are getting money from Karnataka state. Both parties are trying to buy the votes with money. If by any chance the Congress gets elected to power, bad days will return to Telangana. They are hungry for power and money. They will go on looting the people.

Telangana people should be wary while casting their votes this time. People should not get carried away by false propaganda and promises of any party.
Mr Harish Rao said it was Mr KCR who promised and achieved separate Telangana. He introduced scores of welfare schemes for the good of people. They should strengthen KCR and vote for the car symbol once again.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao