Food to the poor and support to the farmer is BRS way: CM KCR

The BRS is not a typical political party like all others. It is born from people and for the people. The leader who heads it himself is a farmer who knows the ground reality. During his ongoing election campaign, CM KCR has been telling people what his government did to people during the past decade. Free fine rice, insurance, health services, pensions to the helpless, financial assistance to marriages of poor girls and others were introduced by the BRS government over the years.

“We gave only Rs. 50,000 for Kalyana Laxmi in the beginning. We made it Rs. 75,000 after some time. Now we made it Rs. 1,00,116. As things improve, the wealth is distributed among people proportionately,” Mr KCR has been explaining to people. Now the BRS party in its manifesto promises to enhance the benefits under the pension scheme, Rythu Bandhu, and health services among others. All the schemes will continue and they will be revised to benefit people more in the days to come.

KCR enjoys absolute credibility among people. They know for sure if he promises, he will do it sooner or later but would not go back on his promise. The development achieved by the BRS government is all there for one to see. The tangible development includes the changed face of villages and the revival of village tanks and canals. The improved supply of drinking and irrigation water, and uninterrupted and quality power supply are some. The villages now have developed graveyards, nurseries, improved sanitation, avenue plantations, and parks through the strengthened Gram Panchayats.

Empathetic chief minister Mr KCR who toured the length and breadth of the state during the separate Telangana movement knows the needs of people thoroughly. Before the people asked for it, he conceived and implemented welfare programmes – be it Palle Pragathi or Pattana Pragathi or whatever. A large number of people in the state are benefitting from the pensions, Rythu Bandhu, insurance, subsidised and free power supply.

It is time for the people to choose a friendly government to continue its work and reap benefits from its programmes. Mr KCR has been appealing to people not to get carried away from election slogans and false promises. Indeed, they should sit together and think about who benefitted them all these years and what the other parties did to them during their regimes.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao