BJP goes with JanaSena which has no presence in Telangana

The BJP which does not have enough candidates of its own to fight all the 119 assembly seats is now drafting the Jana Sena to contest elections in the Telangana state. They are putting up a false show that they are strong and are ready to give tickets to the Jana Sena party. Indeed the JanaSena has no presence, no votes of relevance in Telangana state.

Scores of leaders of the BJP reached their party office in Hyderabad and openly opposed the poll alliance with the Jana Sena. They contend that the chances of BJP candidates would be hurt and they do not cooperate with the JanaSena candidates in their respective constituencies. The state unit leaders are trying to pacify the irate aspirants stating that it was the decision taken by the party’s high command and they should abide by its decision. Mr Amit Shah reportedly asked the Telangana state BJP leaders to work with JanaSena in the elections.

BJP lost deposits in 100 seats in the last assembly elections. This time it will be no different. The alliance with JanaSena will damage it further as it is opposed to the people of Telangana and their sentiments.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao