Revanth Reddy’s double standards on ‘Gujarat Model’ exposed

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy yet again exposed his double standards by flipping his statement on ‘Gujarat Model. In just one week, Revanth took a complete U-turn on his views about the  Gujarat model of development.

In a public meeting in Chevella on February 27, Revanth heavily criticized the Gujarat Model. He questioned whether setting villages on fire or threatening the investors is the Gujarat Model. Also, Revanth came down heavily on the BJP for its failed promises.

Revanth flipped his statement today in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, purportedly to be in his good books. He said that if the union government extends support, Telangana will also make progress like Gujarat. Revanth was participating in an official meeting with the PM in Adilabad during which he even stated that Modi is like his big brother. 

Revanth Reddy’s double standards on the Gujarat development have been thoroughly exposed before the people of Telangana. Many are pointing out that during the BRS regime, the Telangana Model was hailed throughout the nation, but now Revanth is singing praises of the Gujarat Model.