Opposition coming together to forge an immoral alliance to snatch votes: MLC K Kavitha

Eyeing only for the votes, the opposition parties are coming together to forge an immoral alliance, observed BRS senior leader, MLC Ms K Kavitha. Addressing a public meeting in the Bodhan Assembly constituency in Nizamabad district on Wednesday, she said the political parties are viewing people at voting machines and vote banks. They lack empathy and commitment towards the problems facing the people. But the BRS party has come to be known as the well-wisher of the people and evolved into a part of the life of the people of Telangana. “We all know that once Telangana is known for farmers’ suicides. Now it is known for phenomenal paddy production,” she pointed out.

People should decide if they wanted the party that is giving them 24-hour free power for farmers or the one that is promising just a three-hour power supply, she told the cheering crowds. Earlier in the day, Ms Kavitha and MLA Shakeel Ahmed led a massive rally of people from AR Gardens to Nizam Sugar company grounds. People singing songs dancing to the drum beats and carrying huge pink flags presented filled the main thoroughfares amusing the passersby.

Ms Kavitha said the Congress party ruled the country for 62 years with the slogan ‘Gharibi Hatao’, the slogan remained on paper and the party failed in its plan miserably. The same is with Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo yatra. It is full of false promises and empty slogans. They still fail to answer people why should the people vote for the Congress party. “The party is giving Rs. 750 pension in the states it is ruling. Here the same party promises Rs. 4,000 pension per month. How can people believe them?” the BRS leader sought to know.

She appealed to the people of Bodhan to vote for party candidate Shakeel Ahmed in a big way and ensure a huge majority. The BRS is the only party that is concerned with the people and their well-being.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao