Old wine in a new bottle: At Davos, CM Revanth Reddy rehashing investments announced during BRS regime

In a bid to portray himself as a pro-business leader and project the Congress government as investor-friendly, CM Revanth Reddy is basking in the glory of the previous BRS government. At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Revanth is merely rehashing the old investment announcements made during the BRS regime and claiming them as their own achievements. 

To quote a few examples, in September 2023, former Minister KTR broke the ground for Godrej’s palm oil factory in Khammam. The Congress government re-announced the same investment, claiming that Khammam was chosen for India’s largest palm oil factory. 

The same is true for JSW Energy. In 2022, the JSW Energy group and the then Telangana government entered into an MOU for setting up a Hydro Pumped Storage Plant. Shockingly, the Revanth Reddy government stated that the JSW group signed an MOU at WEF, Davos, to establish the same Hydro Pumped Storage Plant.  

Furthermore, as soon as Revanth assumed office, he met with old investors in the Secretariat and discussed already finalized investments. The Congress party purportedly tried to establish that the new government has attracted investments by showcasing these old investments as fresh ones.

On the whole, with a clever choice of words and high-decibel publicity, the Congress government is deceiving the people of Telangana by re-announcing old investments.