Modi fears the presence of KCR: BRS leader Vinod Kumar

Condemning the claims of Mr Modi at a public meeting in Nizamabad, the BRS senior leader B Vinod Kumar said Modi fears Mr KCR and not the other way round. When Modi visited Hyderabad during Covid pandemic, it was the PMO that asked CM KCR not to attend Modi’s visit. Is it not true?, the BRS leader asked.

Mr Modi also did not want the Karnataka CM to attend his visit to Bangalore during the Chandrayan launch. It was Modi’s attitude that he alone should media attention and all the credit. He is media savvy. Mr Vinod Kumar wanted to know why Mr Modi was talking about BRS evincing interest in joining NDA now. It is purely aimed at gaining political mileage by mudslinging at the BRS as the elections are nearing.

He reminded that Mr KCR has made it clear that his party would go alone in elections and would not join any alliance. The party struck to its assertion and never ever thought of joining any other party. Being in the office of Prime Minister, Mr Modi should stop telling lies and misleading the people. It is most unbecoming on his part to spread false propaganda on opposition parties which amounted to nothing but cheap tricks, he added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao