KCR means Kaleshwaram, Congress means scandals: KTR

BRS working president and Minister Mr K T Rama Rao has asked people to choose between KCR who means development and Congress which is known for corruption. Distributing the double-bedroom houses to the beneficiaries at Rajanna Sircilla district on Tuesday, Mr Rama Rao said if the welfare schemes have to continue, Mr KCR should return to power once again.

He addressed public meetings at Jagitial and Dharmapuri and listed out the development achieved in the last nine years. If the Congress party is voted to power, it is like leaving the sheep in the care of a fox. Throwing all its ideology and principles to the wind, the party appointed a person with an RSS background as its state president. He is accused in the note for the vote scandal. When the seniors within the party questioned the party’s high command, they had no answer.

“Can we believe such a party again? The party got a chance to rule 11 times but they never lived up to the expectations of the people. You saw the BRS rule. Choose wisely. Only Mr KCR can deliver all promises,” Mr KTR said. The Congress which ruled for 60 years failed to give drinking water and power. It has become very old and obsolete. There is no warranty to the party that promises guarantees.

The Congress party delaying the formation of separate Telangana claimed precious lives of youth. It is responsible for many deaths. “People should not believe in what the Congress leaders are saying. Beware of their false promises,” Mr KTR told the people. He also lashed out at the BJP which is strongly opposed to the Telangana development. The BJP leaders are dreaming of coming to power in the state. But in fact, they hampered the progress of the state by denying its due share in funds and development, the BRS leader pointed out.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao