‘Millstones’ around the neck of Telangana

By JR Janumpalli

In the present Telangana Movement, whole of Telangana population of 3 ½ crores of people have transformed in to a colossal movement for statehood, except a miniscule section of elected legislators from Telangana Congress and TDP.  These legislators have virtually become the proverbial millstones around the neck of Telangana. The enemies of Telangana State; the hostile andhras and the indifferent C-high command are adroitly using these ‘millstones’ to their advantage. The Congress Party and TDP have played their perverse hide and seek political games with Teangana people, using Telangana sentiment. In the mix-up, these elected reps. have become legislators because of the bounty of Telangana people. But, now after the elections, the T-tdp elements are in the vicious strangle hold of CBN, the bête noire of Telangana. The T-congress elements are hanging to the apron strings of the impassive Madonna, Sonia Gandhi, whose family including her, is the real cause for the angst of Telangana.

Telangana people are not amused any more with the shameless acts of T-TDP leaders or the licentious behavior of T-Congress legislators, in scoring points on TRS. They have tolerated their disgusting monkeyshines for very long. The primary duty of these scumbags is to serve the interests of Telangana people, who are their compatriots and patrons, not the interests of conspirators against Telangana.If they are doing it in the name of loyalty, and it makes a weird sense. If there are elections within 6 months, their loyalty ‘crumbles like dry leaves under the feet’. More over where is the need to show loyalty to CBN who is the very embodiment of treachery? He has won all his seats in Telangana promising Telangana, and thwarted Telangana formation within 24 hours of the announcement. T-congress legislators also won their seats using Telangana card. Their leader Sonia Gandhi used Telangana sentiment all along, to gain power in Telangana and went back on her government’s announcement for state formation in the Parliament. She is playing her nonchalant ‘cat and mouse’ political games with Telangana people, while they are embroiled in a life and death struggle.
It is time for these legislators to understand the historical situation they are in. They need to use their wisdom and prudence, if they have any. They should realize, the singular importance of this movement in the history of Telangana, and rise to the occasion to claim their proud place in it. Their devious scheming, for their party future; future of their party leaders; getting credit for their party or for themselves etc., are very mundane and cynical things. They do not merit consideration at this historic moment.

For T-tdp legislators to go along with CBN is un-ethical and foolhardy. The TDP history proves that CBN is an incorrigible anathema to Telangana. His treachery to Telangana is unforgivable. He has no place in Telangana politics. T-TDP legislators can come out of TDP, cleanly severing their umbilical cords and join the bandwagon of Telangana struggle, whole heartedly. They can form a political party of their own even if they do not like to do anything with TRS. They will have a bright political future. If they hang on to CBN’s duplicity, it would be a political ‘hara-kiri’.

For T-Congress legislators, this is a life time’s opportunity. They can create history by throwing their weight with Telangana people. They know too well that congress party is the root cause for Telangana misery. They have a responsibility to make amends for it. The time has arrived. They are in a vantage position to help Telangana people. They had already missed many chances in this Movement. They are flooring the chances of their own glory with their political timidity and stupidity. If they let go this situation, it will be their political death. They should not baulk at biased threats of their ‘adhishtanam’.Their adhishanam is a hostage to ‘Andhra political mafia’, for obvious political reasons and created this political logjam. If T-Congress acts with courage and shrewdness they can break this logjam and help their adhishtanam to take a decision in favor of Telangana. They can be a trump card in this political poker game. It will be a win-win situation, for themselves and for their party also.

The TJAC might have realized the fact, that the real barriers to our Telangana Movement are our T-Congres and T-tdp legislators. It is just because of them Telangana state is not becoming a reality. Of late an opinion that the TRS is trying to drag the movement till 2014 is also gaining ground. The TJAC, have made Telangana people to do myriad things, to convert these incorrigible politicians and did not succeed. It would be unwise, to take the Movement to 2014 elections deliberately. For,the results of general elections can be dicey, and may throw us in to even more bizarre political situation. It would be prudent to plan to achieve our goal in 2012 itself, making the ‘iron little more hotter’. The TJAC has to stop and take stock of things and work out a more potent strategy to reclaim these intractable T-congress and T-TDP Judases, or pull them down, from their positions. At least some of them if not all, to break their sadistic mindset as a group, to clear the way for Telangana State. Clearly, there is a need for TRS and TJAC to revamp their strategies to suit the present stage of the Movement.

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