“DGP Dinesh Reddy should resign” Ponnam Prabhakar

HYDERABAD: “The directorgeneral of police V Dinesh Reddy is facing corruption allegations and he has no right to continue in the post,” Congress MP Ponnam Prabhakar said on Thursday.

Speaking to mediamen after emerging from a meeting of Telangana Congress MPs at the house of MP G Vivek, Ponnam Prabhakar along with other leaders like G Sukhender Reddy, Rajaiah, Madhu Yashki and Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, he came down heavily on the police chief.

“Dinesh Reddy is acting like an extra constitutional authority. He is facing allegations of corruption and should be removed from the post immediately. The government should conduct an enquiry,” the Karimnagar MP said.

The leaders further alleged that Dinesh Reddy was showing discrimination to police officers belonging to Telangana region.

“He is doing grave injustice to Telangana officers with regard to transfers, postings and promotions,” Prabhakar said. He also alleged that the DGP is trying to suppress the movement for a separate T by transferring good officers from the region. ”We condemn the attitude of the DGP who has been asking lower rung officers to make statements against us,” he said.

He also faulted the DGP on kicking up the controversy on what clothes women should wear. “The DGP cannot comment like this. We are living in a democratic country and everybody has the right to live as they wish,” Prabhakar said.

[Express News Service]

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