Law and order deteriorates; crime rate rises in Telangana

Telangana, which once thrived with peace and security during the BRS rule, is now grappling with a surge in crime. In June month alone, 26 murders were reported, alongside incidents of cybercrime, extortion, communal clashes, drug-related activities, robberies, and chain-snatching. Many attribute this decline to the absence of a full-time home minister, ineffective police leadership, and neglect in conducting reviews and law enforcement practices. 

Reports indicate a breakdown in government control over the police department, with settlements and land grabs occurring in police stations. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has registered over 20 cases involving policemen this year, catching around 35 people red-handed. Over 30 Circle Inspectors (CIs) and Station House Officers (SHOs) have been suspended, highlighting the gravity of the situation. The lack of intelligence information regarding a recent gathering of up to 4,000 people near Hyderabad is seen as a clear failure of the intelligence system.

The police’s technology system was compromised by a hacker under 20 years old, exposing vulnerabilities in the system. Additionally, extortion gangs, including those involved in chain-snatching, child abduction, and robbery, have become more brazen, indicating a serious lapse in law enforcement.

Political violence has also escalated, with numerous politically motivated murders and attacks on Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) activists and leaders. High-profile cases include the murder of BRS activist Mallesh Yadav and BRS leader Sridhar Reddy. Attacks on journalists and political figures from other parties have also increased.

Reports of police misconduct, including bribery, sexual assault, and arbitrary actions, have tarnished the department’s reputation. The suspension of numerous police officers for misconduct reflects deep-rooted issues within the force. 

Cybercrime is on the rise, with Telangana becoming a hotspot for such activities. Cybercriminals are looting approximately Rs. 5 crores daily from Telangana, exploiting the public’s lack of awareness. White-collar crimes, including real estate frauds and chit fund scams, are also increasing, adding to the state’s woes.