Land values likely to increase by 50% in Telangana

The value of agricultural and non-agricultural lands in the state is likely to rise by up to 50 percent. The stamps and registration department has received proposals suggesting a minimum increase of 20% and a maximum of 50%. These proposals state that the increase should not exceed half of the open market value. 

The department of stamps and registrations has been conducting a field study since the 18th of this month on the increase in market value. The study, now completed, covered agricultural lands, plots, ventures, and apartments in villages, towns, and the survey numbers of 143 sub-registrar offices across the state.

Committees led by collectors have been studying the current prices and values in the open market and making proposals on the extent of possible increases. The preliminary estimates from these studies have been handed over to the Commissioner-Inspector General (CIG) of the Department of Stamps and Registrations Headquarters. 

The government appears to be reconsidering the revision of land values, having received reports of a recent decline in the number of registrations. Typically, the announcement of a price increase spurs a rise in registrations as buyers act quickly to save money. 

However, registrations in the state have been gradually decreasing over the past few days. For instance, at a sub-registrar’s office near Hyderabad’s outer ring road, where there are usually 20-25 registrations daily, fewer than half took place on Tuesday. In light of this, the government is said to be reconsidering the planned increase in land prices. Although the new prices were intended to be implemented from August 1, it is now rumored that the implementation may be postponed until Dussehra.