Cyber crimes surge: Fraudsters siphon off Rs. 5 cr daily in Telangana

The surge in cyber crimes continues unabated in Telangana. Individuals seeking quick financial gains are falling prey to increasingly sophisticated tactics. In Telangana alone, a staggering Rs. 1,800 crores have been siphoned off, averaging at Rs. 5 crores per day. 

Business investment fraud stands out as the most prevalent cyber crime in the first three months of this year. Officials from the Cyber Security Bureau highlight a troubling trend where individuals, particularly those already engaged in betting activities, are lured into easy money schemes, promising substantial returns on investments ranging from thousands of rupees to lakhs and crores. 

Victims are promised riches but end up losing significant sums instead. Other prevalent cyber crimes include OTP frauds, advertisement frauds (such as those on platforms like OLX), scams involving FedEx courier services, and sextortion. While Sextortion cases have seen a recent decline in Telangana, the overall picture remains concerning. 

The state’s high reliance on technology makes it particularly vulnerable to such crimes. Officials caution against the allure of easy money and advise the public to exercise vigilance and refrain from engaging in risky investment schemes.