Former minister and senior leader Ponnala Lakshmaiah resigns from Congress

Accusing the party leadership of betraying the BC leaders, senior leader Mr Ponnala Laxmaiah has quit the party. The party’s high command is indifferent while the local leadership of anti-BC promotes only one caste, he said. A four-time MLA and minister, Mr Laxmaiah has been associated with the Congress party for 45 years. He broke down before the media announcing his resignation from the party due to bad leadership.

Lashmaiaih also alleged that deliberately the TPCC leaders are trying to sideline the senior BC leaders in the name of surveys and ground reports. Mr Laxmaiah has said he tried to meet the TPCC leader several times but he always disdained. He did not even take the telephone calls. The leaders at New Delhi are no different. Mr Laxmaiah said he tried to meet party general secretary Mr KC Venugopal but he did not give even a minute of time. He said he camped in New Delhi for one week but none cared for him. He meant that because he belonged to the Backward Classes, he did not carry any power in the party. Since 2015, he was not given any post in the party organisation and party leadership did not accord even the respect due to him.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao