BRS manifesto will manifest the welfare of all sections: KTR

The ruling BRS party manifesto will be released on October 15 which will cover every section of the society and what the party intends to do to them after to voted to power once again. Party working president Mr KT Rama Rao during an informal chat with the media persons on Friday said CM KCR would address about 100 public meetings during the next 45 days. The party would go to people with its achievements during its past decade-long rule. It will explain its welfare and development works undertaken after the Telangana formation.

Pointing out at the Congress party, Mr Rama Rao said it has no candidates to field in 40 constituencies but vows to win 70 seats to form the government. The Congress party is being funded by Karnataka leaders and leaders here think they could win the election with money. “We will tell people what the Congress did during its 55 years of rule to the people,” he said.

The IT officials seized large sums of money in Bangalore from a Congress leader’s residence. That is meant for elections in Telangana. Already about Rs. 8 crore reached Kodangal constituency which is meant to be distributed among the voters during the next month’s Assembly elections here. Both the BJP and Congress leaders sitting at New Delhi are spitting venom on Telangana and BRS leaders here. It is a fight between the arrogance of New Delhi and the self-respect of Telangana street dwellers.

Mr Rama Rao said Mr KCR has made a long-lasting impression among the hearts of crores of Telangana people. Now the new manifesto is damn sure to steal the hearts of people of every section. “I beseech every voter to think like a father of a daughter before going for casting the vote. Who is caring for you and whom you should support? Which leader has a real concern for you and your family? Keep all these in mind and then vote,” he said adding that he appealed to people not to get carried away by the false promises of BJP and Congress leaders and the money they offered during the election time.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao