BRS will win more seats this time: KTR

The BRS party will win more than 88 seats that it won in 2018 elections, said party working president Mr K T Rama Rao. He said these elections are not electing an MLA but electing an able chief minister who could steer the state to prosperity and bring happiness to the people. Mr KCR has already proved his mettle and is poised to hit a hat trick in the next month’s Assembly elections.

In his informal chat with the media persons, he touched upon various subjects. Referring to jailed TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu, he said he would understand the pain of Mr Lokesh. The aged leader should not have been targeted like that. However, the issue is between the two political parties of Andhra Pradesh. The TPCC leader A Revanth Reddy resorted to land grabbing and corruption around his residence and in the party. One wonders why the central government agencies IT, ED and others do not raid the Congress leaders.

Referring to the BJP promises and claims of its leaders from Delhi, Mr Rama Rao pointed out that both parties do not have any clarity about their manifesto. They will just copy the programmes of BRS as it was done in the past. The Congress that made impractical promises in Karnataka, failed miserably now. It is there for everybody to see. Neither of the party has a leader as good as Mr KCR and none among them matches Mr KCR. People know it well.

Once during the Congress regime, Hyderabad city witnessed communal violence very frequently and there were curfews. Now one could compare the BRS rule during the past decade to how peaceful is the city. There is not a single incident of communal violence. The Congress is no match to the BRS. One needs a lot of money to get a ticket in Congress. All the tickets are being sold in an open auction. If such a party comes to power, what will be the agenda of those leaders but for amassing the public wealth? he sought to know. Mr Rama Rao exuded confidence that his party will come back to power without any doubt.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao