Even before polling, Telangana Congress leaders vying for CM post

At least half a dozen Congress leaders claim that they have the qualifications needed for the post of the Chief Minister. The party neither released its total list of candidates for the election nor did the polling take place for the assembly. The party witnessed unusual protests and desertions soon after it released its first list of 55 candidates for the total 119 seats. God knows what happens if the party releases its complete list. Several seniors are waiting for the release of the list and they plan their own way of protesting with their followers.

Meanwhile, K Jana Reddy claims that the CM position will come to him while Jagga Reddy of Sangareddy district says he has every qualification needed to become the CM. Mr Komatireddy Venkat Reddy says if his good time begins, he might become the CM. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka says everyone wants a Dalit Chief Minister in Telangana and he will be the right choice for it as he is a Dalit leader.

The followers of A Revanth Reddy say as he is taking the responsibility of bringing the party to power, he should become the next CM or at least his follower Seethakka if a tribal candidate is preferred for the post of the Chief Minister. Mr N Uttam Kumar Reddy says he is lagging behind in his claim. Since he has a good rapport with Rahul Gandhi, he is lobbying his best for the post. For the people and political observers, all this seems very funny as it is too far-fetched. Even the so-called poll surveys do not indicate any great victory for the Congress party.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao