Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi’s speech in Mulugu a bundle of lies

The Congress leaders did not fear to tell lies to the people who are witnesses to the BRS government work. Addressing the public meeting at Mulugu on Wednesday, the Congress leaders said the state government did not distribute the podu land that has been demanded by the tribals. The BRS government recently distributed 6.06 lakh acres of forest being cultivated by 1.57 lakh tribals. The beneficiaries also include the parents of Congress Mulugu candidate Seethakka. She was silent when her leaders went on lying to people on the issue.

Mr Rahul Gandhi said BRS government failed to give housing. The fact is that the state government recently distributed 1.70 lakh double-bedroom houses to the beneficiaries. It also launched a scheme of giving Rs. 3 lakh under the Gruhalaxmi scheme to those having their own plot to construct a house. Surprisingly the Congress leaders are blind to all these facts.

Similarly, Mr Rahul Gandhi says the government did not waive the farmers’ loans. The BRS government waived Rs. 13,000 crore farm loans of 23 lakh farmers in Telangana and no other state did this in the country. For the Congress and BJP leaders coming from Delhi it has become a habit of reading out text handed over to them by the local leaders. The local leaders lacked minimum knowledge of government schemes. Their only agenda is to criticise the ruling party and its leaders without any reason or rhyme.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao