Does Congress govt have any ulterior motive behind inaction on Medigadda barrage?

Recent events surrounding the Medigadda (Lakshmi) barrage, a vital component of the Kaleshwaram project, have sparked significant concern among locals and farmers. Despite warnings, authorities have been criticized for their perceived inaction in preventing potential disasters.

On February 18, the lifting of the gates at the Annaram barrage resulted in a surge of approximately 19 thousand cusecs from the Godavari and Pranahita rivers, exacerbating the precarious situation at the Medigadda barrage.

The subsequent failure of authorities to proactively address the looming threat of floodwaters reaching the weakened pillars has only fueled public outrage. Following the receding floodwaters, officials hastily initiated efforts to divert water and clear debris from the barrage. However, skepticism persists regarding the delayed response and whether it was sufficient to prevent further damage.

The recurrence of heavy floods and ongoing repair efforts have fueled speculation among farmers and locals about the government’s intentions. Farmers and the public continue to implore authorities to prioritize comprehensive repair work and dispel any suspicions of ulterior motives.