CPI Narayana Castigates TDP & Congress

CPI state secretary K Narayana demanded that the Congress should immediately announce a decision on Telangana. He reminded that it was the Congress party which came to power in both state and centre, piggybacking on the Telangana demand.

Comrade Narayana was speaking at the 19th District Convention of the CPI at Mahabubabad in Warangal district.

K. Narayana recounted how the Telangana peasant armed struggle had liberated the region from the Nizam’s rule. He said that Telangana suffered discrimination in the combined state.

“Leaders don’t create movements. It is the people’s movements which create leaders. Telangana movement is a people’s movement” remarked Narayana.

“Why did the Seemandhra leaders of TDP and Congress party kept mum when both these parties had an election alliance with TRS? Narayana questioned.

“The people of Telangana would not let the leaders of TDP and Congress into their villages any more”. he warned.

The entire town of Mahabubabad was painted in red with thousands of CPI comrades marching through the streets.

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