Congress thy name is Scamgress: Minister KTR

The 55-year-old Congress rule came to be known for scandals of extreme proportions, observed BRS working president Mr KT Rama Rao. Now the Congress party is in the hands of morally bankrupt and unruly elements. Those who were caught red-handed on cameras trying to bribe the elected representatives are talking about morals and the well-being of people.

Mr Rama Rao was addressing a large number of leaders from other parties from Mahabubnagar who came to join the BRS at Telangana Bhavan, the party office on Saturday. People gave a mandate to Congress 11 times but there only indulged in corruption. They have nothing noteworthy to claim. The lives of people did not change. The country or Telangana state did not witness any development. There was no vision or commitment on the part of Congress leadership.

Mr Rama Rao pointed out that “Foster prosperity and distribute the same among people” is the motto of CM KCR while that of the Congress party is “grab power by hook or crook and amass wealth by all means”. The people of the state are not new to the ruling of the Congress party. Corruption ruled the roost and leaders were busy increasing their personal wealth at the cost of the state and its people.

Those who vowed to send Mr KCR to jail are faded now from the public sphere. The fate of the Congress leaders like A Revanth Reddy will be no different. Once the elections are over, they will be nowhere to be seen. People are waiting to accord a thumping victory to the BRS and CM KCR for the third consecutive time. It is only a matter of time, Mr KTR asserted.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao