BRS leader Dasoju Sravan receives threatening phone calls from Revanth’s henchmen

BRS leader Dasoju Sravan allegedly received threatening phone calls from TPCC President Revanth Reddy’s henchmen. Sravan said that the persons used abusive language, threatened with severe consequences for criticizing Revanth Reddy and even warned of eliminating him. Sravan lashed out at Revanth for his statements against free power to farmers and a group of individuals who claimed to be the followers of the TPCC Chief made repeated calls to Sravan from 12:15 am on Friday.

Taking to Twitter, Sravan said that he would be filing a formal complaint with the Cyber Crimes Department and competent police authorities. “It is unfortunate that Revanth Reddy has been involved in promoting a culture of intimidation and rowdy politics in Telangana. He has previously employed similar threats against his own party members, including seniors like V Hanumanth Rao, Uttam Kumar Reddy, Jagga Reddy, etc., through his henchmen,” the BRS leader said.

Sravan said that these cheap tactics by Revanth Reddy will not deter him from fighting for the right cause, democracy and justice. He wondered how such rowdy elements are being encouraged and tolerated in the age-old party like the Indian National Congress.