BRS is Telangana people’s ‘A’ team: KTR at Telangana Industrialists meet

BRS working president KTR addressed the industry heads at a meeting in Hyderabad and said that the stable government and able leadership of Chief Minister KCR was the reason for the companies to move into Telangana from Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. KTR referred to the race for Chief Minister’s post in Karnataka and instability in Maharashtra and asked if there was no stable government, and how could a State develop and prosper. He added that the industrial sector would be worst affected due to political instability.

KTR stated that Kaynes Technology – a Mysuru-based company was setting up its unit in Telangana after the BRS government allotted land in 10 days. He also stated that the company had initially approached the Congress govt in Karnataka. He said that the company had appealed for allocation of land but failed to get any assurance from the Karnataka government, and later decided to set up its new unit at Kongara Kalan, impressed with the BRS government’s performance.

KTR highlighted the power crisis in Karnataka and said that the farmers and other sectors were badly affected. KTR added that CM KCR with a vision had increased the installed power capacity in Telangana from 7,000 MW to 24,000 MW and as a result, there was no power crisis in the State. He added that the BRS government had raised loans and invested them in productive sectors like energy, irrigation, and health.

“One can compare the performance of the Congress govt, followed by the BJP govt in Karnataka in the last 10 years, and with that of the BRS government’s performance in any sector. Stats will clear many things” KTR said. Countering Rahul Gandhi’s statement on the BRS party being the B team of BJP, KTR said that the BRS did not have any tie-up with BJP even in the local body elections. “BRS is Telangana people’s ‘A’ team, and nobody’s B team,” he said.

KTR stated that there were 13 political parties, which were neither supporting the NDA nor I.N.D.I.A alliance. He added that the Congress and BJP do not want a new party to emerge in the country. Talking about the opposition parties’ comments on corruption in the BRS government, KTR asked who stopped the Union government from taking any action. “If there was corruption or any other irregularities, do you think Prime Minister Narendra Modi would spare us” he asked.