BRS is not ready to go with both BJP and Congress: BRS leaders

Terming Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s claims that he ensured BRS out of the meeting of opposition parties as preposterous, the BRS leaders reminded that it was Mr KCR who opposed both parties. It was Mr KCR who is against the fronts and tents involving BJP and Congress parties. He desired an alliance that is both anti-BJP and anti-Congress. He wanted to keep both parties at bay.

Mr Rahul Gandhi who claims that BRS was kept away from the opposition parties’ meeting, the BRS leaders say Mr KCR decided to keep away from the opposition parties. While establishing the national party BRS, Mr KCR visited many states and interacted with several leaders. He patiently apprised them about the prevailing political atmosphere and state of affairs in the country. He opposed the present agenda of all political parties and favoured a new agenda that is people-centric. An agenda that aims at serving the people. An agenda that is aimed at bettering the lives of people ensuring basic needs such as water, power, and roads among others.

Mr KCR has been vocal about bringing qualitative and quantitative changes in the country and new policies that is tune with the modern-day needs of the country. Mr KCR has decided to go along with his people and farmer-centric agenda and hence expanding the activities of his BRS party in AP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and others. The Congress party that lost public patronage and was unable to win a majority to form the government at the Centre is now trying to ride on the regional parties. It cannot even win 50 to 100 seats in the country in the present scenario, the BRS
leaders opine.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao