Minister KTR takes a dig at Congress party and Rahul Gandhi

Minister and BRS party working president Mr KT Rama Rao took strong exception to the remarks made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi at a meeting at Khammam. Mr Rama Rao mocked the Congress leaders and said he lacked minimum understanding of the facts and figures on development. It is not the BRS that is corrupt, but Congress is the most corrupt and scandalous party. AICC meant All India Corruption Party, he accused.

The Kaleshwaram project did not cost Rs. 1 lakh crore but Rahul Gandhi accuses of corruption to the extent of one lakh crore. This exposes his knowledge. He was just reading out a lousy script handed over to him by the stupid local leaders. BRS is not subservient to any party or leader in the country. It was foolishness to attribute nexus between the BRS and BJP. It would only backfire at the Congress ultimately. “How many times have the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi become a laughing stock among the people?” Mr Rama Rao wondered.

CM KCR promised that his BRS government would distribute podu land among the tribals and is delivering the promise. Why Rahul Gandhi is making the same promise after the problem is already solved? His party leaders are aware of the podu festival going on in the state but their leaders lack knowledge of the same sadly. The Congress party feels threatened by the expansion of BRS party in other states across the country. The party that lost public patronage and tasted defeat in every state is on the verge of extinction. It lost its relevance with its corrupt practices and scandalous governance for over six decades,” Mr Rama Rao said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao