BJP’s sinister design to lure MLAs exposed

A bid to attract four TRS MLAs with cash and contracts allegedly by the BJP’s aides got foiled by the Cyberabad police. Based on a tip-off from the TRS MLAs – Pilot Rohith Reddy, Rega Kantha Rao, Guvvala Balraju, and Beeram Harshavardhan Reddy, the police raided a farmhouse in Moinabad and caught three persons. One of them is a hotel owner from Hyderabad, the second one is a seer from Tirupathi and the third person is linked to Faridabad. 

The trio approached the legislators promising them a hefty amount of cash, contracts and posts if they switch their loyalties. However, making their attempt futile, the MLAs alerted the police and entrapped them. 

It is also widely reported that the three persons were on record mediating this shabby deal with a BJP senior leader in Delhi who is close to an influential union minister in the central government. And the recordings and videos may be released in the due course. 

From a larger scheme of things, this sinister design appears to be a part of the BJP’s attempts to topple the democratically-elected governments across the country. However, their plans failed miserably in Telangana. 

It is evident that BJP leaders who understood they can’t win people’s support in Telangana are resorting to backdoor deals to lure legislators. But, the result that emerged is that all the TRS MLAs are trusted lieutenants of CM KCR.

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