BJP and Congress conspired against CM KCR, expelled BJP leader reveals

The leaders of BJP and Congress parties held several meetings secretly conspiring against CM KCR but they failed in their attempts. Since Mr KCR enjoyed massive public support and his government endeared itself to be mostly people-friendly, the BJP and Congress parties failed in their conspiracies. They tried their best. This was revealed by none other than the former MLA Yennam Srinivas Reddy who was expelled by the BJP recently for speaking against the leadership.

The aim of both Congress and BJP is to attack and unseat CM KCR. BJP leaders Etela Rajender, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy, Vivek Venkataswamy, Ravindra Naik and others were in regular touch with the Congress leaders and vice versa. They both asked each other to join hands to attack Mr KCR in Telangana for their political gains.

“Though there appear differences between the BJP and Congress leaders at the national level, they are hands in glove in Telangana. They both consider Mr KCR as their joint enemy,” he pointed out. Having known their true colours, Mr KCR has declared his stance that his party is equidistance to both parties.
Mr Kishan Reddy who ran away from the separate Telangana movement is now saying that his party is the only capable force to defeat Mr KCR which is nothing but awful.

Mr Yennam Srinivas Reddy’s revelations only made it clear who is the B team of whom. Both the BJP and Congress are working as a `B’ team of each other.
Despite their nefarious designs and their bad propaganda against Mr KCR and his BRS party, the people of Telangana now maintain equidistance from both the BJP and Congress parties. They are strongly with Mr KCR and ready to give him a thumping victory once again this time. It would be a slap on the face of both the BJP and Congress parties.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao