Basthi Dawakhana employees awaiting salaries for three months

The employees of Basthi Dawakhanas have not received their salaries for the past three months. They allege that their wages for March, April, and May are still pending, forcing them to take out loans to cover essential expenses.

The staff lament that they are struggling to pay children’s school fees and house rent. Despite numerous appeals to the Congress government and higher officials, their requests for salaries have gone unanswered.

Former CM KCR has established a Basthi Dawakhanas for every 10,000 people in urban areas. Currently, more than 400 Basthi Dawkahanas operate within municipalities and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Each centre is staffed with a doctor or Mid-Level Health Provider, a pharmacist, and assistants. However, none of these staff members have received their salaries since March of this year.