After June 4, Telangana to get ‘President Medal’?

After June 4, several well-known liquor and beer brands may vanish from Telangana, with new cheap liquor brands potentially emerging. Many liquor shops across the state have already displayed ‘no stock’ boards for various beer brands. For instance, some liquor brands were unavailable for ten days last week, raising eyebrows among observers.

Reports suggest that the Congress government is behind this shortage to introduce new inferior quality brands such as Special Status, Boom Boom, and President Medal, which are already in sale in Andhra Pradesh. Allegedly, a minister’s younger brother, who is influential in the liquor supply chain, is playing a significant role in this maneuver.

Under the unofficial liquor policy in Telangana, it is alleged that Congress leaders are favoring brands that offer substantial commissions. This has reportedly led to an artificial shortage of beer and liquor brands. To introduce their brands into the market, companies must pay a commission, and new liquor brands are expected to enter Telangana under this strategy. Promotions are planned for brands that pay the highest commissions.

Industry insiders speculate that these unofficial controls and commissions result in approximately Rs. 5,000 crores changing hands annually. A politician is believed to be a key player in this strategic move. Moreover, there are reports that the government plans to increase the price of alcohol.

However, many people express concern that the introduction of cheap quality liquor will have adverse effects on the health of consumers.