A woman minister’s PA suspended for alleged involvement in sand smuggling 

The Personal Assistant (PA) of a woman minister, who is a confidante of CM Revanth Reddy, is suspended from his position. The person named Sujith Reddy has allegedly been involved in illegal sand smuggling.

A few days ago, 16 trucks were seized in Bhadrachalam, which were transporting illegally mined sand. The trucks were carrying the sand with a photo of CM Revanth Reddy imprinted on the windshield. However, on getting caught, the lorry drivers broke the glass bearing the CM’s photo. 

Allegedly, Sujith Reddy even threatened the police officers to let the vehicles go free. Reportedly, a PA of another minister is also placed under suspension for his involvement in this illegal activity.

Ironically, CM Revanth Reddy very recently instructed the officials to crack down on illegal sand mining and this incident happened right under his nose.