1800 AP employees to enter Telangana Secretariat in top positions?

Speculations are rife that around 1,800 government employees of Andhra Pradesh origin are reportedly moving to Hyderabad. This move, initially halted by former CM KCR, is now being reconsidered under the new Congress government in Telangana and the current Andhra Pradesh government led by Chandrababu Naidu.

Currently, about 40 section officers and 20 assistant section officers from Andhra Pradesh are slated to join the Telangana Secretariat. These positions are critical, especially in departments such as irrigation, revenue, municipal administration, and general administration. This proposal has caused significant unrest among Telangana’s government employees, who feel their opportunities for promotion and employment are being compromised.

The influx of Andhra Pradesh employees is seen as detrimental to Telangana’s workforce. The arrival of 60 section officers and assistant section officers will significantly reduce promotion prospects for current Telangana employees and fill vacancies without new recruitment, affecting the state’s unemployed youth.

The Telangana Secretariat Employees’ Association and other concerned groups have formally complained to Minister Ponnam Prabhakar. They have requested immediate action to prevent Andhra Pradesh employees from taking positions in Telangana. Minister Prabhakar has assured the employees that he will address the issue with CM Revanth Reddy.

The previous efforts to relocate Andhra Pradesh employees into the Telangana Secretariat were blocked by former CM KCR. The current political dynamics, with CM Revanth Reddy having close ties to Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, add complexity to the issue.